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1 year. Rough? Yes... PTSD and other d/o's make me hard to get along with. All pain being relative, I suppose I had it no worse than anyone else. Still, I carry on...and I'm glad she does too...

Moving all the stuff isn't going to be as bad as I thought it would be, the worst thing will be the california (I refuse to capitalize it) king bed. No handles on the mattress, and turning corners (2) will be a pain. I need to redo the entertainment center anyway... combine it with one of the computers in the house, so that I can take full advantage of the Tivo, the WinTV box, and 30 gig of deliciously free DRM mp3's.

I haven't told her about this journal yet... because she has a tendency to get a bit jealous. The gender gap here is a bit larger, and even though I browse just as many male profiles as female, I guess the fellas are phearing I'm not straight. *shrug*

My son is transfixed by one of those spinning LED toys... I taped the button down for him, as he isn't that coordinated yet. (if he has as much of my DNA as I think he does, it may never happen.)

More to follow...
Tags: children, disorders, gender gap, household
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