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Government sincerity

So, I was medically (but honorably) discharged from the Navy back in March. Seeing as how I would have stayed in for the benefits, but couldn't, there are programs in place to aid me in my transition from "Yes SIR!" to "Call the fire department and leave... put the hose down". My disability evaluation has been underway for nearly 6 months, and I'm expecting word very soon on what the percentage is. So, it piques my interest when I see a letter in the mail from the Washington Dept of Veterans Affairs.

Now, the first one was nice... even though I knew the thank you note from the governor wasn't really signed, it was borne of a laser printer, churned out by some lackey, or maybe even the same type of computer program that generates my cable bill.

Yet, that was March. I got another in April... and yep, May too...

Same goddamn letter every time. Reminds me of that far side comic. (I feel like the door).
Tags: far side, government, gregoire, veteran
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