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This post is brought to you by the letter B

Turdy......and had the hangover to show for it.

Anyone know how to keep rugs from bunching up on carpet?

The starlings in the corner of the house are doing well, evidently. There's bird shit all over that part of the outside wall. J asked me where the baby birds go... I presumed in the nest. Since birds don't pee (what's up with you, cloaca face?), and they don't eliminate much water, I presume that their feces isn't particularly rank... but maybe the nest smells awful. I know the thing about human odor on chicks is bs, and that's probably part of the reason why.

Also, J sent me a Fwd with some bs about a kid's BAC being 85%... it had a snopes link embedded in the email, but obviously, the people forwarding the damn thing never clicked it, b/c the snopes story called the BAC at 0.10. I'm a little surprised that no one picked up on that, but not overtly so. Most ppl just click fwd, which is why I have special filters setup in gmail for that. She told me about it while we were out to dinner, and I took the little serape that was on the Corona/pepper bottle, and threw it in the air.

Once I remember a conversation during the midwatch about what the bullshit flag should look like. We came up with green, like a lime green. If it was brown, it wouldn't show up very well, and it can't be yellow, b/c that's a penalty. International orange would just make people drive weird, and white would come across as some sort of "I demand satisfaction" thing...
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